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Welcome! I draw and stuff. I like to draw John,Sherlock, Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield. I reblog many Hobbit and Sherlock related things along with other artists' art, so this isn't an exclusive art blog okay? OKAY. I work on PhotoshopCS6 with a Bamboo Pen and Touch! If you want to know what tools I use to draw, please take a look at my resource link to your right, have a good day!

Alright, I have an early day tomorrow, thank you for sending questions !! If there are any more I’ll answer them tomorrow 

bilbo-baggins-of-baker-street whispered : Hello! How are you? I was wondering what program and what brushes you use? It's no big deal if you don't wanna share, I'm just trying to accumulate a ton of different brushes. Thanks :)

I use photoshop cs6 (or cc) but it’s just because someone let me have a copy of it. I usually use my stumpy tool and a regular round brush set with pen pressure to color, but I’ve won Kyle’s watercolors, ultimate screentones  and mega pack here on tumblr so I’ve slowly been using those * __ * 

→ Anonymous whispered : where is your favorite place in the world and why?

this is a really hard question

I’ve only been to this cafe called Bricks and Scones sometimes, but it’d have to be my favorite place because I’ve met and hanged out with amazing people there for sketch jams, and I’ve returned there with my super amazing good friend to just sit there and enjoy their tea and scones. It’s a nice warm atmosphere that’s great for drawing but it’s even more great with good company

  1. mila-kun said: What got you into sherlocks

back in 2010 my sister mad me watch the first season and I hadn’t watched many british shows at the time so I was like “wtf what are they saying what’s going on “

and when I realized there was a fandom I was still like ‘um wtf” but then you know, things happened, fanfics happened, fanart happened, awesome fucking ppl happened, and that’s how I’m here

ignore mila-kun

  1. bluebones42 said: how’ve you been sleeping? Feeling fine?
no good tbh, I can’t relax to sleep very well, I’m really anxious these days but I have no idea why ??? Im gonna try doing some yoga soon it’s really hard for me to relax these days

ignore bluebones42

  1. miaunknown23 said: Soooo, how’s life?

it’s happening! I don’t live a very eventful life

→ Anonymous whispered : I love your blog and seeing your art absolutely makes my day! You're fantastic and brilliant and perfect!

thank you!!! NO YOU’RE PERFECT for bein so nice to me 

chocotruffleswoof whispered : I really love your art and I was wondering, how do you practice when it comes to coloring?

aw man I have a HARD TIME with palettes, so I’ve been cheating by using the same method for like - literally the whole time I’ve had this blog I’ve always started with this one tan color, and then do the rest.

I like to experiment by laying colors on top of that tan in multiply because no matter which color I choose it’ll always be blended with that tan and it will turn out ‘warm’ even if it’s a blue, a bright yellow or a crisp red. I tone down the opacity of the more saturated colors before blending them into the tan because, I just kind of got used to gauging how much would be appropriate for the color that I want. 

I like to lay a bright orange with 10% opacity on to parts that are feeling too dark or too blueish for the piece so uh idk, I just kind of add bits and bits of colors here and there and mix them , it’s like making a soup kind of I imagine adding veggies and salt or something what am I saying idk

I feel like I should start expirementing with more blues and colder colors, but Im super sure I’ll be temped to add orange to them  T _ T 

sipulisipsi whispered : I love your blog ♥

thank you, thank you very much