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Welcome! I draw and stuff. I like to draw John,Sherlock, Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield. I reblog many Hobbit and Sherlock related things along with other artists' art, so this isn't an exclusive art blog okay? OKAY. I work on PhotoshopCS6 with a Bamboo Pen and Touch! If you want to know what tools I use to draw, please take a look at my resource link to your right, have a good day!

I opened up preorders for pouches again ! I’ll close them on sept 26 but I’ll be ordering them as they go. So feel free to check out my storenvy. (

As for the preorders from last month, I am happy to announce that the last batch of them will be sent this Friday or Saturday, so keep an eye on your emails if you haven’t gotten your pouches shipped yet !

→ Anonymous whispered : I'm curious, do you like other Hobbit ships besides Bagginshield (Boffins, Kiliel, Dwori etc.)? Just asking. :)

Oh my goodness let’s see uh

I like the dwori the boffins(that’s bilbo bofur right??)

Idk i like bagginshield with a lil of these in the side but I’m not picky about other pairings. I’ve read many fics with a bunch if variations on the side and it’s all good 👍

→ Anonymous whispered : are you still submitting something for the hobbit calendar project? :0

Yes! I need to do that ASAP, my piece is done but I keep forgetting to send it