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Welcome! I draw and stuff. I like to draw John,Sherlock, Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield. I reblog many Hobbit and Sherlock related things along with other artists' art, so this isn't an exclusive art blog okay? OKAY. I work on PhotoshopCS6 with a Bamboo Pen and Touch! If you want to know what tools I use to draw, please take a look at my resource link to your right, have a good day!

I just want to rip my hairs out sometimes WHY. Why can’t people let others do their thing, . Why is everything taken so seriously when it’s not supposed to be why are aulocks getting shit by peoples who’- it’s not their business to groan about somebody else’s creativity, WHY are people pretending to represent the fandom or say that ‘as a sane person of the fandom’ STOP. NO. You’re A person of the fandom you’re noT THE fandom itself since when do we have the right to tell other people what to do or what to do with their lives/likes/blogs/opinions - what happened to being ‘accepting’ and ‘a place where people can feel comfortable’ I JUST - these are people I know, these are people I care about, and the first people who really took the time and who have pretty much welcomed me to this fandom. If they want to do their thing, then let them do it.¬†This is their part of the internet, they have the right to do what they want. As do you with your part of the internet, and if you want to be rude and butt itn where you’re not wanted with your rude comments, then you can just open a new tab and google kittens and puppies to calm yourself down to stop and think. if whether or not you writing mean angry messages to a stranger on the internet is okay. because it’s not. Okay? It’s not okay. It will never be. You can start yelling and kicking by sending angry messages or you can calm down and figure out what about it makes you mad and then just avoid it. blacklist it, unfollow them, get offline and do something else?? Is there really nothing for you to do other than harass someone online? If you can inquire nicely as to why and how, then that’s good. That’s being civil. Just don’t be an ass. I am tired of this on my dash. I am tired of seeing people angry and frustrated on both sides, and I didn’t want to do anything about it because I’ve been busy, but this has just been going on for far too long .

/laughs histerically

i’m getting anxious over nothing¬†

I’m just going to keep on drawing miniJohn .HMPH.